Our Offer

We offer a wide variety of services and products that improve governance and civic participation in support of open smart cities. We lead a collaborative local-to-global approach to improving smart cities through empirical research applied directly to the problems urban areas face. Partners throughout the world at local, regional, and national scales benefit from our ability to improve governmental capacity to adopt innovation, data, and connected technology.

Our work focuses on three pillars:

Pillar 1: Community Support for Smart City Implementation

Our work supporting the development of smart cities leads internationally. We build off our strong organizational expertise and track record in civic technology, open data, public engagement, and applied research to provide municipal partners with insight and guidance on how best to govern in the digital age. We use empirical evidence from our collaborations with the largest, most innovative, and connected cities in the world to inform governance best practices for municipal leaders worldwide.
Jean-Noé Landry, Executive Director

We work collaboratively from local to global levels to lead the scaling up of solutions to smart city challenges as a firmly embedded member of the civic technology community. We are a hub that connects the global open data and open government networks to Canadian and international open smart cities to enhance effective knowledge sharing, collaboration, and interoperability.

Pillar 2: Applied Research to Solve Complex Problems

Applied research is incredibly important as we need to have a strong foundation of evidence upon which to base our advice and capacity building. This includes synthesis and mobilisation of academic knowledge and theory, and conducting research that has a strong base in an existing theory and empirical evidence. This allows us to achieve much higher levels of analysis, while providing back valuable insights into theory and methods for the research community.
Suthee Sangiambut, Applied Research Lead

We create applied research that solves real problems local, provincial, and national governments face in facilitating public consultations, managing new forms of data, combating homelessness, and providing municipal services. We build peer-to-peer collaborative knowledge sharing networks and work with governments around the world. Our work involves real empirical evidence that improves urban governance and is derived through technology-based social science research.

Pillar 3: Local-to-Global Scaling Up of Services

The structures of governments are replicated to a degree from place to place. That means there is a bunch of transferable learning, and it is transferable learning that crosses over national boundaries. That said, in every city, there is a local context. Even in two cities in the same country, Toronto and Edmonton, the advice needs to be tailored.
Richard Stirling, Board Member

We convene international stakeholders and open government leaders in the belief that complex urban problems require diverse perspectives as well as collaboration across sectors and contexts. Our scaling up of local work supports governments at all scales globally to undertake the organizational change necessary to implement smart city solutions to persistent urban problems.

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