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Our Offer

We tailor solutions to your actual needs. This benefits from a partnered approach that includes:

  • Co-Design and Co-Development. The value of engaging the internal and external stakeholders of an initiative has proven to be highly successful in both design and development activities.
  • Process Driven. Our project planning and execution approach follow an agile methodology. We work in short collaborative sprints that enable us to assess and adjust our approach to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Tactical Engagement. Our issue-focused engagement model connects city priorities with clusters of stakeholders to identify the value of city data and enhance innovation and co-creation opportunities.

How We Create Better Cities

Any initiative towards making cities better requires inclusivity and positive impacts on government services and the community. Key attributes that support better cities are:

Smart. A "smart" city seeks to leverage technology tools to enhance the services to citizens and businesses and create efficiencies and effectiveness in the delivery of those services.

Open. An “open” city provides open data to be leveraged by the community for social and economic benefits, and allows public scrutiny of decision-making in government.

Engaged. An “engaged” city reaches out to stakeholders and incorporates them into design and decision making processes in a meaningful way.

Open North has many years of experience in delivering services to cities, either as a project lead or supplemental project support, which provide cities with the flexibility to address their respective situations at any time. Municipal projects can be focused narrowly, but can also be diverse in their components. Recognizing the interdependence of city priorities, OpenNorth developed a comprehensive approach to building Better Cities.

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