Founded in 2011, OpenNorth started as a small nonprofit with expertise in open data, open government, community engagement, and civic technology. Today OpenNorth’s expanding interdisciplinary team leads multi-stakeholder partnerships internationally on implementation of open smart cities that do more than just utilize data and networked infrastructure to make decisions. We work with the largest, most progressive, and connected cities to build their efficient and ethical use of data and technology to solve urban problems. We build global peer-to-peer networks for knowledge sharing that improves smart city governance practices for citizens across Canada and the world.

A Step Ahead

Pillar 1: Community Support for Smart City Implementation

We work collaboratively from local-to-global levels to offer solutions to smart city challenges as a firmly embedded member of the civic technology community. We are a hub that connects the global open data and open government networks to Canadian and international open smart cities to enhance effective knowledge sharing, collaboration, and interoperability.

Pillar 2: Applied Research to Solve Complex Problems

We bridge geographic and cultural divides to create applied research that solves real problems local, provincial, and national governments face in facilitating public consultations, managing new forms of data, combating homelessness, and providing municipal services. We build peer-to-peer collaborative knowledge sharing networks and work with governments around the world. Our work involves real empirical evidence that improves urban governance and is derived through technology-based social science research.

Pillar 3: Local-to-Global Scaling Up of Services

We convene international stakeholders in the belief that complex urban problems require diverse perspectives as well as collaboration across sectors and contexts. Our scaling up of local work, using applied research, supports governments globally as they undertake the organizational changes needed to implement solutions that combat persistent urban problems.

Our Team

Our dynamic team is comprised of people with experience in all sectors, with specialized expertise in government, strategic and operational planning, access to information, information technology, private sector, data standards creation, applied research international development, policy development, and software development.

Jean-Noé Landry

Executive Director

Suthee Sangiambut

Applied Research Lead

Hannah Ker

Open Data Analyst

Christian Medina

Program Manager

Miranda Sculthorp

Urban Research Analyst

Dione Watts

Operations Manager

Joel Ornoy

Business Development Manager

Citizen Budget

Saad Sabb

Fulfillment Specialist

Citizen Budget

Jaime MacLean


Alyssa Beaton



Jury Konga

Open Cities Strategies | Expert Associate

Dr. Aaron Erlich

Assistant Professor
Department of Polical Science, McGill University

Applied Research Lab Advisor | Research Methods

Board & Founder

Jonathan Brun


Board member

Tracey P. Lauriault

Carleton University

Board member

Henri-François Gautrin

Former Member of National Assembly of Quebec

Board member

Gabe Sawhney

Code for Canada

Board member

Richard Stirling

Oxford Insights

Board member

James McKinney

Founder & Senior Technical Adviser

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