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Civic Engagement

Citizen Budget is an interactive budget simulator that involves residents in the budget-making process and demonstrates a municipality's commitment to citizen engagement. Citizen Budget has been deployed by municipalities across Canada and the United States. makes it easy for citizens to submit access to information requests to Quebec public bodies. All messages sent between the citizen and the body are made public, along with the requested documents if the request is successful.

Open Government Data

Represent is a web service providing the contact information of elected officials at every level of government for a given Canadian address. Over a dozen nonprofits use its API to run effective campaigns connecting citizens to representatives. GovTrack and the Sunlight Foundation's OpenStates project reuse Represent's boundary service to lookup electoral districts.

Open511 is an open data specification to help governments better manage, communicate and collaborate on road events like closures, hazards and roadwork.

The Popolo Project's goal is to author, through community consensus, international open government data specifications relating to the legislative branch, so that the open government sector can spend less time transforming data and more time applying it to the problems they face.

All our projects are open source and available on GitHub.