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Open Cities

Cities across Canada are committing to implementing open data infrastructure and policies at an increasing pace. This is creating a greater need for strategic planning and tactical support to take full advantage of the benefits of open data.

With a long track record of successful open data projects and a wealth of open data expertise, that's where Open North and its team of Associate Experts and partners come in.

Based on the latest international experience and the newest trends in open data assessment methodologies, maturity modelling, and open data project management, Open North can evaluate your needs, recommend best practices tailored to your situation, and support your open data programs on a range of topics, tailored to your city’s specific context:

Getting Started

  • Assessing risk, benefits & developing corporate business case
  • Strategic/Implementation planning
  • Developing pilot project/prototype plan
  • Building internal buy-in from data custodians and political leadership

Engaging Your Community

  • Identifying data users and assessing their needs
  • Activating data through community and internal engagement initiatives
  • Creating responsive feedback mechanisms
  • Supporting open data leadership for public servants
  • Building open data capacity through data literacy programs

Operationalizing an Open Data Program

  • Assessing infrastructure and technology options
  • Conducting a data audit and building an open data catalogue
  • Publishing open data and standards
  • Delivering and tracking an impactful open data program

Expert Associates

Jury Konga

Strategic Planning and Program Delivery

Combining experience in provincial and municipal government, private and non-profit sector, Jury provides strategic and operations planning with a pragmatic approach. He developed the Open Data Framework for Canada’s “G4” cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa) and has assisted many municipalities in developing Open Data, Open Government, Innovation and Community Engagement strategies, implementation plans, training and event organization. Jury is an Open Knowledge Canada Ambassador and was appointed as “Access by Design” Ambassador by Ontario’s prior Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian. He was the inaugural Chair of the MISA (Municipal Information Systems Association) Gov 2.0 SIG in 2009, Chair of the 2014 GO Open Data conference and continues to be active in the open data open government community.

Bianca Wylie

Stakeholder Engagement and Civic Technology

Bianca has a dual background in technology and public engagement. She worked for several years in the tech sector in operations, training, infrastructure, and product management, most recently at Thomson Reuters. As a professional facilitator at Swerhun Inc., she designed, delivered and supported over 50 public consultation processes for various governments and government agencies. Bianca founded the Open Data Institute Toronto in 2014. She frequently leads workshops and hackathons - past and current event partners include: the Ontario Nonprofit Network, The Institute of Public Administration of Canada, The Toronto Public Library, Accessibility Camp Toronto and Bike Share Toronto. She is a guest lecturer and speaker on open data, open government, and public consultation. Bianca is also a co-founder of Civic Tech Toronto.

Jay Bhalla

Prototyping, Evaluation, and Risk Assessment

An innovation strategist with over 15 years of experience in the ICT sector, Jay has advised the World Bank Institute on technology strategies for civic engagement and has worked to build successful grassroot community tools for monitoring government delivery and tracking state expenditures. He has also designed and led technical capacity building training tools for more effective citizen engagement, which have been adopted by countries around the world. As founder and Executive Director of the Open Institute, he helped pioneer Kenya’s digital revolution and played a leading role in the country’s Open Data Initiative, the only second of its kind on the African Continent. He has worked with Global organizations in helping them implement their Open Data Initiatives in the process creating tools and programmes that build both the supply and demand side of Open Data.

Jean-Noé Landry

Policy, Standards, and Training

Open North specializes in civic technology and open data, including open data standards, policies, civic advocacy initiatives, stakeholder engagement, and government strategic planning and pilot projects. Open North’s Citizen Budget simulator is used by more than 60 municipalities across North America. As the Executive Director of Open North, Jean-Noé has led open data user needs assessments and training sessions for senior public servants, and is currently collaborating with the GovLab to map the data needs of the private sector in Canada. The findings of Open North’s discussion paper on open data and city resilience will be presented at the Open Cities Summit in Fall 2016. Jean-Noé also co-founded MontrealOuvert, QuebecOuvert, and Connexité MTL, a data-driven social innovation incubator. He recently helped establish the Canadian Open Government Civil Society Network. Jean-Noé has more than 14 years of national and international democracy building experience.

Partner Organizations

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How it works?

Contact us to find out how our team of Expert Associates can help you address your immediate and long-term needs to make your city an open data leader in Canada.

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